1199 Collective Bargaining Agreement 2020

MOU: Reminder of the stand-up procedure During negotiations on the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on the following points regarding the stand on 1 July 2019: by mutual agreement, the employer and one worker can extend the trial period for up to three (3) additional months. Under no circumstances does the trial period exceed 9 (9) months. Recognizing HMC/University of Washington`s commitment to excellence in patient care and improving employees` professional skills, the employer will provide in-house training based on the needs of the company. Qualification training will focus primarily on the specific vocational training identified by the employer. Participation in qualification measures is mandatory and workers are paid in accordance with Article 11.2 of the collective agreement. 14.16 Contracting Out. The university will not award work that results in the dismissal of the collective agreement unit staff employed prior to the execution or renewal of the contract. The medical centre intends to minimize the employment of loan and travel staff. The Medical Centre will continue its efforts to recruit and maintain a large base of full-time and part-time regular workers. The parties recognize that this contract is in itself complete and constitute all the conditions of the agreement between the parties.

Therefore, no party is required, for the duration of this contract, to negotiate personnel or other matters at the discretion of the university and is not covered by this agreement. The employer undertakes to notify the Union of any proposal to reallocate tariff units occupied into unconventional units. An aggrieved person within the meaning of this agreement is defined as a worker in a bargaining unit under this agreement that is the subject of a complaint or the Union appealing a complaint under the terms of this agreement. 14.4 Performance evaluations. Hospital management intends to assess the hospital`s performance during the trial period and, subsequently, the staff of the rate unit. In addition, hospital management intends to inform each staff member of the status of their work in accordance with appropriate practical standards, as required or through the performance assessment mechanism.