Act Fire Brigade Enterprise Agreement

The main themes for THE FIREFIGHTERs ACT fire and rescue in their next bargaining agreement of the company are: Keep the salary increase, invest in safetyRecrut to remedy the shortage of firefighters and … [Read more…] All ACT firefighters are now entitled to annual medical screening for a number of occupational illnesses from a provider of their choice, as well as a fitness coach to build resilience and improve their chances of surviving critical incidents. «The new enterprise agreement focuses on the development of a modernized fire department that meets the needs of firefighters, including investments in health, wellness and safety initiatives, revitalized compensation, qualification and training incentives, and staff agreements during bushfire season.» «We are proud to have worked with the UFU to reach an agreement to further enhance the safety of our firefighters and the ACT community,» said Commissioner Whelan. McConville stated that the new health and wellness plan to help retired recruiting firefighters was the first of its kind in Australia and had been developed through international ties with Edmonton in Canada. Georgeina Whelan, ACT Emergency Services Commissioner, said negotiations with the union were cooperative and positive and that all parties had a common interest in the safety of the ACT community and firefighters. According to a report in the Canberra Times on May 8, the aging and tense Bronto, «the ONLY specialized air fire unit in the ACT,» will be replaced by a new vehicle worth $2.2 million… [Read more…] «This new agreement will allow us to invest in a modern approach to training over the next five years, focusing not only on technical skills, but also on executive development and leadership.» We have agreed on a capacity preservation system that will make Canberra firefighters the best trained in the country. The ACT government and the United Firefighters Union have reached a pioneering agreement on a four-year plan to expand strength, create ways to lead firefighters, and implement health initiatives to better support their physical and mental health. In a first in Australia, ACT firefighters will have access to mental health screening and assistance through peer support, organized by the firefighters themselves. «It takes a heavy toll on firefighters. A lot of people break up. The new ACT Fire -Rescue enterprise contract expires in 2024. As part of an enterprise agreement between ACT Fire and Rescue and the United Firefighters Union (UFU), 99 new firefighters will join a «modernized» ACT Fire and Rescue over the next four years. United Firefighters Union ACT Secretary Greg McConville said that while unions and authorities did not always agree, their agreement today was «historic.» Whelan said the health, safety and training of ACT firefighters was important to her. «The new enterprise agreement focuses on establishing a modernized fire department and meeting the needs of firefighters,» she said.