Berkeley Purchase Agreement Addendum

4 2. COMPLIANCE BY COMPLETION OF TREUHANDSERVICE: The seller must carry out all necessary inspections and repairs and issue a certificate of conformity to the buyer before the end of the fiduciary service. 3. COMPLIANCE AFTER COMPLETION OF THE TREUHANDSERVICE: If compliance is to be made after completion of the fiduciary service, the selling buyer is responsible. C. IMMOBILIE POSTPONED: condominiums must also comply with the lateral program for private sewers. However, associations of owners of multi-structure structures, served by a single lateral, lateral or common, have until July 2021 to comply. EBMUD recommends that the owners` association be contacted directly to determine the responsibility of the channel on the side, whether the corresponding liability notification has been filed with EBMUD for each unit sold and whether sufficient reserves are available for the necessary repairs. For more information, see GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE COMPLIANCE: Compliance: A shut-off valve has been installed on the gas meter in the concession area. 5 All work has been carried out with a sanitary authorization and the seller guarantees that the property is compliant. Non-compliant: Liability for repairs: the good is not yet compliant. Repairs must be concluded and paid for prior to the conclusion of the Treuhand by: Seller Buyer East Bay Sales Contract Addendum alameda revised 6/2017 Other regulations: Jurisdictions have regulations that may affect the use, value or enjoyment of real estate.

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