Colorado Department Of Higher Education Transfer Agreements

Aspen and Carbondale Campus Margaret Clement, Assistant Dean of Instruction,, 970-236-0430 Extension 2430 In order to eliminate guesses about the transfer of course credits and associated degrees, Colorado has developed a national guaranteed transfer program called GT Pathways (guaranteed transfer routes) and numerous national articulation agreements. The Community College of Denver sticks to these programs and agreements established to ensure the transfer of credits. «We recognize that the adoption of these agreements will allow students to complete and complete higher education at a lower cost, a key factor in the sustainability of our economy after the pandemic,» said Tom McGimpsey, President of the CCHE. For more information on state-guaranteed transfer and articulation agreements, visit Colorado`s Department of Education. General education benefits students by encouraging them to acquire the intellectual tools, knowledge and creative skills needed to study the world as it is, as it has been understood and as it might become. General education prepares students for a fulfilling life as educated people and effective contributors to a democratic society. If you intend to transfer, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the school you wish to visit as soon as possible. For more information, visit the Career and Transfer Center and its academic advisor. A national transfer articulation agreement is an agreement between Colorado Community Colleges and universities. These agreements allow you to graduate from a community college with a 60 Credit Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Science Associate (A.S.) conclusion, for example. B business arts associate; Enroll with junior status at a university; and complete the bachelor`s degree in no more than 60 additional credits (for a total of 120 credits). If you visit full-time (15 credits per semester) and follow the structured program, you can get a license in four years. «The combination of faculty and academics has made these new agreements stronger and better for students,» says Chris Rasmussen, Senior Director of the Academic Pathways and Innovation cdHE.