Endowment Agreement

Foundation deposits received by the foundation holder must be deposited into a fund and maintained as stipulated in the endovation agreement (Figure D-3). A portion of the interest and income from the endowment balance should be reinvested in the foundation fund by the foundation holder, in accordance with the foundation agreement. The contracting parties assume that all interest received by the endowment fund that goes beyond the growth of the endowment fund adapted to the growth of the endowment fund may be made available to the real estate owner by the foundation holder to finance the long-term annual management of bank assets in accordance with the endowment agreement. After written approval from the signatory agencies, in agreement with the other IRT members, and any notification necessary to the Endowment Holder, in accordance with the endorsement agreement, the owner performs the approved revised administrative measures and tasks. In accordance with the Endowment Agreement, all endowment income (including income and interest) adjusted for inflation above inflation above long-term annual bank property inflation must be maintained by the foundation holder and made available to the owner by the Endowment Holder to finance unforeseen expenses and disinton management needs.