Figma License Agreement

If you are a team, you must buy the team license. The item obtained under a team license can distribute the team license up to the number of licenses you hold. This means you can send or download your teammates to your teammates at the license level. This license is suitable for all business and business organizations, businesses and groups working together. Please read these terms of use carefully (the «Conditions»), before using websites in and associated sub-domains (each website and associated sub-domains, a «site» and together «websites»), all software applications that are stigmatized by figmaWORLD (hereinafter «figmaWORLD,» «we,» «our» or software applications («applications») or by us via third-party sites, such as Facebook (each a «third-party site» and «third-party sites»). The websites and all the applications, products or services we provide, either directly or through third-party sites, are collectively «services.» You`ll find information on how we collect, use and divlon our users` information in our Privacy Statement ( By downloading fonts on Figma, on the website or in connection with the use of the Services and by accepting a confirmation request that we provide on your policy usage and transmission rights, you represent and guarantee to Figma that (a) you own copyrights or titles in and over the policies, or that the owner of the policies has given you a license to distribute copies of the fonts to others and sublicensors; (b) you understand that compliance with the above may lead you or your organization to license «extended rights» or other license to redistribute the policyholder to your organization or another user for a specific policy before uploading that policy to Figma, on the website or for services, and/or for MacOS policies, check the limits in the Font Book/Preview/Show Info Font control panel; and (c) you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for determining whether you own or have a police rights license that you put online, that allow the download, replay and use of these policies by others who use the services, and that you may be held responsible for the copyright infringement they hold because of non-compliance with the Services. By purchasing Ant Design System for Figma («Item») or UX Toolkit for Figma («Item»), you will get a license to use this file for specific purposes. This license grants the user a worldwide license to use the digital work («article»), current and not exclusive.

You are allowed to use purchased items to create unlimited finished products for yourself or your customers, and the final product can be sold, licensed, sub-conceded or distributed freely.