Queen`s University Usw Collective Agreement

The «Letter of Agreement: Employment Assessment of June 1, 2018″ in the renewed collective agreement replaces the old «Letter of Agreement: WorkStation Assessment» with the presentation of the progress of the workstation evaluation project, including the terms agreed by the parties to date and published on HR`s website. In addition, the parties agreed to transform the language of the «bargaining collaborator» into «bargaining units» throughout the collective agreement. The conventional language for family physician leave reflects the fact that the right to family leave is consistent with that of the Employment Standards Act, which currently grants eligible workers up to 28 weeks of family leave over a 52-week period. Note: If the provisions of the Labour Standards Act were to change with respect to these holidays, the tariff language would automatically reflect these changes and should not be changed. If you have any questions about this, please contact your human resources advisor. The tariff language for assisted maternity leave, parental leave – general, sustained parental leave and unsured parental leave has been updated to reflect the terms of Queen`s University`s guidelines and procedures for maternity and paternity leave, which have been updated in accordance with legislative amendments and reflect current party practice. If you have any questions about these sheets, please contact your human resources advisor. The renewed collective agreement updated the tariff language on sick leave in accordance with the provisions of an agreement between the parties (2017) in which the language now included in Articles 24.01 and 24.03 was agreed. «We are now looking to the future and are committed to working with the administration to improve labour relations that will benefit workers, at the university and especially for our students,» said Orser.

The parties agreed to add a copy of the current salary schedule as an annex to the collective agreement to facilitate reference. Until now, this information could be found on the staff website, but was not included in the collective agreement. The new agreement also improves the language of contracts, which affects conditions of employment, issues such as seniority and vacancy notices, union representation and the strengthening of the mandate of a joint employment services committee. 33.03 Notwithstanding the agreement of the contracting parties that the collective agreement begins on January 1, 2019, the collective agreement has no retroactive effect, unless otherwise stated. Throughout the collective agreement, several changes have been made to align with Queen`s University guidelines for the inclusive language of nits, including: – The Pension Memorandum, ratified by the University and USW, contains alternative provisions for salary increases in the third year of the contract in the event that the UPP imputation date is after July 1, 2021 or if the conversion to PPU has not had Place.