Rhonda Entered Into An Agreement With Her Friend Nancy

And Joseph – «Call me Joey D» – was too rude for words. I can see from the very thoughtful discussions here that my origonal mail seemed imperceptible and pre-professional. This is indeed a very complex subject. I didn`t have time to go back to the lawyer, but I hope I`ll get there next week and send this blog link to his assistant. I haven`t forgotten my boss either. I spoke to my billing agent and she and she attended several great workshops on settling accounts etc. I have a standard fee, but I`m offering a fee reduction and or (I`m not sure what the appropriate term is.) It sends invoices as described above with the exact amount calculated and the part on which it is waived/carried forward. The standard discount offered to all customers is 1/2 of my normal fee. I have a lot of customers without insurance, and that`s the norm. If customers decide not to use insurance because they will never meet, I have a form that says they choose not to use insurance, but to pay either the full amount or a reduction in standard fees. If they have insurance that I`m not a provider for, it`s the same thing. The two men were then arrested and Rocancourt thrown in jail. Joseph was released and received a worried call from Gines Serran-Pagan, who had planned a meeting with Rocancourt this afternoon.

When he was informed that Rocancourt had been arrested, the painter promised to do everything in his power to free him. Meanwhile, Pagan told Joseph, «I will fill the prison with my pictures so that he can sleep quietly in peace.» At the end of that first evening, after hearing Rockefeller talk about Hong Kong`s best hotels, the future of the Chinese economy, and his dislike for Kant, Pagan was convinced that his new friend was a scam – a sympathetic, read, widely traveled scam. For all the names he dropped, Rockefeller had, in Pagan`s words, «the breath of the street around him.» His car was the last promotional gift; Pagan doubted that a Rockefeller was driving a Mazda. Yet in the days that followed, Rockefeller often came to discuss with Pagan his love for Nietzsche and Picasso and tennis. «It`s a fake, but I liked this guy,» pagan says today. «I like the unusual.» Although Rockefeller had been visiting Pagan`s studio for a week, the artist insisted on showing him the barn and his stupid menagerie of farm animals.