Ro Model Agreement

6.4.1 The OR applies appropriate monitoring methods, including a monitoring system that oversees work activities carried out and, where appropriate, the measurement of quality management system processes. These methods must demonstrate the ability of procedures to meet the requirements of this code in a sustainable manner and the agreement with the flag state, including: 3.2 Modelim ir br`vi i`vi`a bunch I novieto dvars (90 kurses) ar boj`to virsmu pret`n`ko`iem vi`iem. Attiecébé pret modeli nedr`kst pielietot metodi, lai tas neiztur-tu apg`anos. Ja kuéis ir stateniski appludin-t`st`vokl`, pret boj`jumu ir ir i`veic 1o s`nsvere. A formal written agreement or equivalent agreement between the flag state and the OR should cover at least the following: 7.1.1 Flag States are required to verify that the agencies approved to provide legal certification and services on their behalf meet the requirements of this Code. The purpose of this review is to ensure that the OR conducts its certification and legal services in accordance with this code and its agreement with the flag state. 1.2 Authorization involves the transfer of power to an OR to perform certifications and legal services on behalf of a flag state under an equivalent legal agreement or agreement, taking into account the «elements to be included in an agreement,» as stated in Appendix 3 of this code. A flag state may enter into a written agreement regarding participation in combined monitoring and monitoring activities with another flag state or a state with a flag permit, provided that the degree of detail relating to the requirements of each flag state and the performance of each flag state is treated at a level corresponding to a monitoring program implemented by each flag. State of the pavilion. Conversely, no flag state may be compelled by another flag state or other agency to accept the supervision of an OR by others instead of carrying out its own individual control of the flag state, unless it chooses it by written agreement or if it is provided for by that state law.

A copy of all these agreements should be presented to the IMO for information from the Member States. 3.6.3 The OR ensures that registrations are recorded to demonstrate compliance with the required standards under the conditions covered by the legal certification and the services provided, as well as the effective operation of the quality management system. The records covered in point are retained at least for the period during which certification and legal services are provided by the OR. The records covered in point for a vessel are kept for a period of at least three years during the period during which the OR provides legal certification and services rendered to that vessel, or for a longer period, provided the agreement between the flag state and the OR specifies it.