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Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) meet your individual requirements for speed, availability and flexibility. We define for your locations and devices: every data center is different. For this reason, CentricsIT offers flexible IT service level agreement options. Our support packages can receive a lot of data center support you need. Get fast escalation, access to a premium support technician, and expert access to our self-service knowledge base. Get extensive access to our large self-service knowledge base and a promised 30-minute response time to Severity 1 issues. Enjoy all the benefits of Premium Collaborative Enterprise Support as well as the ability to have a local check point engineer for service-critical feedback. Regardless of your current needs and resources, CentricsIT consults with you and offers you the best plan. We can even create a custom plan tailored to your specific needs. We work within your budget and on time to create the most efficient SLA. Our 24 x 7 x 365 phone support is standard in all SLAs, and see below some frequent SLA breakdowns. But these don`t even understand the level of SLA adjustment that CentricsIT offers. You can select or create your own in the following SLAs.

With CentricsIT, you have control over how your maintenance funds are allocated. Given the increase in the volume of information, increased security restrictions, and the huge impact that inaccessible or lost data can have on your resources, it`s important to have a comprehensive solution to manage everything. Quantum offers plans tailored to your individual needs in more than 180 countries, 24/7 online and multilingual phone service on StorageCareĀ® Guardian. You`ll also have access to an online service that allows you to log and track your service calls in real time. Some customers may have specific support requirements that are met by support plan options. These requirements may include better than gold response, service on unmonitored sites, and service on sites requiring a response from U.S. citizens. . Service plans and warranties for our check-your-owned tape drives Check Point Direct Support Program Service Level Agreement If you plan to use support from your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Note that not only are their contracts more expensive and more limited, but in their offers they tend to change prices randomly, making it quite difficult to estimate costs. Quantum supports customers` efforts to back up, replicate, and archive data to cloud sites. For each Q-Cloud offering, Quantum provides support to keep customers` cloud running smoothly. CentricsIT offers a variety of service level agreement options that allow you to choose a solution that meets your business requirements and budget….