Trade Facilitation Agreement Presentation

WTO World Trade Organisation / World Trade Organisation Founded in 1995, which succeeded GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, initiated. 5 Session 1: WTO Trade Negotiations FacilitationWhy a needs analysis? For Developing Countries: Implementation in Conjunction with Implementation Capacity Members decide when they can implement any trade facilitation measure Member decides on technical assistance needs Must meet reporting obligations to take advantage of them. Export and transit of goods through a «single window» or «single depot». This measure concerns the publication of information for government officials and traders. ITC – Managing COVID-19 through trade facilitation This measure regulates the process by which national trade laws are made. Traders and other parties must have the opportunity to comment on trade proposals, customs laws and administrative provisions. Here you will find all the presentations of exchanges of experience of different delegations at all the meetings of the TF Committee as well as the main extracts of all the thematic discussions. This measure regulates the means by which an operator obtains reliable «binding» information on the tariff classification, origin or other customs treatment of goods before taking them. This measure regulates the special or preferential customs regime granted to reliable economic operators. This measure regulates international transit procedures and the promotion of transit agreements and coordination at the regional and bilateral levels. UNCTAD – Facilitating global trade and transport during covid-19. .

. This article obliges WTO members to establish a national committee for trade facilitation to facilitate internal coordination and implementation of TFA actions. . The Trade Facilitation Committee provides a forum for WTO members to consult and exchange experiences gained in the application and implementation of the TFA. . The role of «Notice and Comment» and related administrative procedures in the implementation of trade facilitation. . Progress in trade facilitation – H.E.

Ms. Maria Luisa Hayem Breve (in Spanish) Ongoing technical assistance programmes and a comprehensive approach to capacity building. Publication and availability of information (Carlos Guevara) [In Spanish] G/TFA/W/19 – Communication from the United States – Exchange of experiences. The National Committee for Trade Facilitation in Norway (Mr. Helge LIndrup). . . . Global Alliance – Impact of Covid on trade facilitation. . G/TFA/W/13 – Development of Article 1,4 Notification, National Committee for Trade Facilitation – Montenegro (Ms. Snezana Vujanovic).

Implementation of the AEO program in Hong Kong, China Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) – Customs Accredited Client Programme CPT Single Window – Chinese Taipei (Ms. Chin Yun HO) Medidas temporales adoptadas por la República Dominicana en respuesta al COVID-19. . Situation and challenges of the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement in Afghanistan. . Facilitating exchanges in Laos: important achievements and challenges. 18 Meeting 1: WTO Negotiations on Trade FacilitationStatus of the Trade Facilitation Agreement and Next Steps Part of the Bali Ministerial Declaration, the Preparatory Committee for the «Bali Package», under The General Council: Select Chair Legal scrubbing Protocol of Amendment Receive notifications of Category A annexed to Agreement can be accepted as July 2014 Protocol open for acceptance until 31 July 2015 entered into force – if 2/3 members ratify. .

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