Unified Arab Investment Agreement

For this debate, see Walid Ben Hamida, Mihaly v. Sri Lanka: some reflections on the status of pre-investment spending, in Weiler (.M. note), supra, Fn. 60, p. 47-76; Noah Rubins, The Notion of Investment in Intenrational Investment Arbitration, in Nornert Horn, Ed., Arbitrating Foreign Investment Disputes, Kluwer, 2004, 283-324; Martin Endicott, The Definition of Investment in ICSID Arbitration: Development Lessonsfor the WTO? in Markus W. Gehring and Maric-C:laire Cordonier Segger (ed.), sustainable development in the World Trade Law, Kluwer Law, shortly. hfi It should be noted that the Executive Directors` report on the Agreement on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States justified this subjective theory by the absence of a definition of investment in the ICSID Convention. The report states that «attempts have been made to define «investments», since the parties must obtain the essential obligation of consent, and the mechanism by which States parties can make known in advance the dispute settlement classes they would or would not submit to the Centre (Article 25.4); doc. ICSID/2, 9, 27.

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See Hasan Moinuddin, The Charter of the Islamic Conference and the legal framework for economic cooperation between its Member States: a study of the Charter, the General Agreement on Economic, Technical and Trade Cooperation and the Agreement on the Promotion, Protection and Guarantee of Investments between Member States qf the Oic, Oxford, 1984, p. 138-183. Yoshi Kodama, dispute settlement as part of the draft multilateral investment agreement. The Quest for KE `<`h`h Investment Dispute Settlement Mechanism and its Failure, Journal of International Arbitration, 1999, 58-59. 4 DAFFE/MAI/EGI/RD documents (96)1, 26 January 1996; and DAFFE/MAi/EG1/RD (96)5, 5 March 1996. The text of this decision is available in Arabic at <arablegalnctwork.org/InvcstCourt/judgments/ 12-10 2004/l.asp. 5" page 40 of the prize. s`r award rcndcred, July 7, 1998, p. 80; available at <www.iisd.org/pdf/2004/invcstmcnt sedelmayer_v_ru.pd6. See, at this price, Walid Ben Hamida, Franz Sedellllayer r.

nle Federation of Russia, Stockholm International Arbitration Review, 2005, No. 2, p. 76. The appeal was filed following Decision No. 203/2010 of the General People`s Commission for Industry, Economy and Trade in Libya, which terminates the investment project without granting the applicant adequate compensation. the AUIAC court ruled in favour of the applicant, who gave him $930 million, leaving the Libyan state no choice but to deny the award and file an appeal cancellation before the Egyptians. 6` Salini, supnt >, See also R.F.C.C. n. Morocco, s.

o.o., footnote 61, 68-69. It should also be noted that in Nykornh r. Latvia, above, Fn. 61, the arbitration tribunal indicated that an electricity purchase contract between the investor and a public company that awarded the investor a double tariff price could not be considered a purely commercial contract.