Walgreens And Cvs Caremark Agreement

Almost two weeks after Walgreens announced the end of its supplier relationship with CVS Caremark`s PBM network – to which CVS Caremark responded that it would terminate Walgreens` participation in its Retail pharmacies within 30 days for breach of contract — the two pharmaceutical giants have reached an agreement in which Walgreens will continue to attack the national retail network of cvS Caremark Pharmacy. With Walgreens` continued involvement, the national CVS Caremark pharmacy network will include more than 64,000 participating pharmacies, including independent pharmacies in the neighbourhood, chain pharmacies and pharmacies in supermarkets and other major retailers. «We are very pleased with the outcome of this multi-year mutual agreement that meets our business objectives,» said Kermit Crawford, Walgreens PPE Pharmacy. «The agreement is commercial, provides the framework we need to run our business in the future and ensures that the many consumers who are looking for us are looking for a quality pharmacy service, choice and comfort. This agreement is good for our patients, pharmacists and shareholders and will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our customers across the country through the CVS Caremark network. No financial conditions for the new agreement have been announced, but Kermit Crawford, executive vice president of pharmacy at Walgreens, said the agreement «is economically reasonable and provides the framework we need to run our business.» About CVS Caremark: CVS Caremark is the largest pharmacy healthcare provider in the United States. Through our integrated offerings across the full range of pharmacy services, we are uniquely positioned to provide better access to plan members engaged in health-enhancing behaviours and to reduce overall health costs for health plans, plan sponsors and their members. CVS Caremark is the leading provider of pharmacies, retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies and retail clinics and is a leading provider of Medicare Part D Drug Plans. As one of the country`s largest pharmaceutical service managers (PBMs), we offer access to a network of more than 64,000 pharmacies, including more than 7,000 CVS/pharmacies® stores offering unparalleled service and skills. Our clinical expertise is one of the most comprehensive disease management programs in the industry.

General information about CVS Caremark can be found on the company`s website at info.cvscaremark.com.